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Osaka Jet 6" Scissors.

With the Jet, Osaka have taken a new approach to the old problem of how to create the lightweight feel of slim hairdressing scissors without compromising cutting power. So, yes the Jet is lighter than many but Osaka have focused most on the cutting action, developing one that's so smooth that it gives a feeling of lightness that many hair scissors with a lower actual weight would envy.

The biggest innovation is in the fluorocarbon coating that gives the Jet its sleek black look. This is essentially the same technology used to create Teflon saucepans, so not only does it look good, but the satin-smooth finish actually decreases friction between the blades for an incredibly smooth cutting action.

What's more, this coating is what the techies call "hydro-phobic", meaning that water hates it so droplets and cut hairs simply slide straight off the scissors. This makes it easy to keep them clean and also helps protect the blades from the rusting effect of water which keeps them sharper for longer.

Blades are, of course, super sharp and the straight handle design gives a classic feel. The silver finger rest is removable.

The Osaka Jet comes in 3 sizes: 5, 5.5 or 6 inches. 

INFORMATION Osaka and Kyoto scissors are high quality Japanese scissors for professionals made of Hitachi metal, one of the finest stainless steels, known as "iron sponge". Forged by hand with a traditional technique, using the latest technology in metalworking.

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