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Passion Zeta Scissors.

Passion's best bits combined into a single scissor.

For their ZETA, Passion have taken the best features of different scissors from across their range and combined them into a single model that delivers comfort and performance alongside a light weight and the durability of high carbon steel.


The ZETA takes the offset crane shape of the Passion Eclipse and combines with the ergonomic features of the Osaka Super Ergo for an incredibly relaxed hand position.


You get the crisp precision of the Kyoto Sprint's blade tips, coupled with the ultra-smooth ball-bearing system of the Passion Omega for a beautifully smooth, precise cut.


Passion have given the ZETA the same powerful sword blades as the Passion Orca, but have kept size and weight down by offsetting the sword blade, so you get the cutting power of a big scissor in a lightweight package.

INFORMATION:  Osaka and Kyoto scissors are high quality Japanese scissors for professionals made of Hitachi metal, one of the finest stainless steels, known as "iron sponge". Forged by hand with a traditional technique, using the latest technology in metalworking.

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