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Dick Johnson hair conditioner nourishes, renews, and repairs the hair effectively. It makes the hair much softer, lighter, and faster to style. The conditioner of course contains Dick Johnson Signature fragrance, more particularly Whiskey & Cola. The main function of the conditioner is to give the hair protection against wear and tear.

We added three sinful ingredients to the conditioner: tobacco leaf extract, hemp seed oil and caffeine. A product as traditional as this has thus been remoulded in true Dick Johnson style. We believe you will be convinced!

The product was developed to be used in Dick Johnson Barber Shops, and therefore it is stronger than traditional, lighter hair conditioners. The conditioner thus maintains professional quality.

The conditioner should only be applied to hair ends. Do not apply it on the scalp. Read more here.

  • Size: 1000 ml
  • Hair conditioner with a little extra
  • Contains all three sinful ingredients

Tobacco leaf extract:

Tobacco leaf extract is still a relatively unknown but extremely effective ingredient in cosmetics. Tobacco leaf extract have surprised many people with their anti-aging features. In addition, it boosts the moisturizing effect of the other ingredients. These features are especially important in hair care products.

Hemp seed oil:

Hemp seed oil is a perfect moisturizing ingredient because it moisturizes the hair and scalp effectively without clogging the pores. It can even help to bring an oily scalp into balance.


Promotes hair growth by stimulating the hair roots, strengthens the hair and makes it easier to style the hair. Caffeine also has strong antioxidant effects, and it helps to protect the hair from UV radiation.

Instructions for use:
Hair conditioner: Apply to hair ends, leave on for a while and rinse off. Hair conditioner should not be applied on the scalp.

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