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Eveline Moisturizing and bronzing body balm

BRAZILIAN BODY MOISTURIZING BRONZING BALM cares for the skin while giving it natural (with gradual effect), golden tan. All this thanks to the use of a liquid crystal emulsion formula which gives the product silky consistency. The balm spreads evenly over the body, leaving no streaks or discoloration. GOLDEN TAN complex gives golden tan effect without an unpleasant odor. The product also contains coconut oil, cocoa butter and Brazil nut oil that deeply moisturize the skin, regenerate it for a long time as well as add silky smoothness and softness.


  • Natural tanning effect without unaesthetic streaks and discolorations
  • Intense hydration and deep regeneration of the skin
  • Silky smoothness 
  • Long-lasting effect of tanned skin

BRAZILIAN BODY MOISTURIZING BRONZING BALM is the product  intended for women with all skin types. Effectively cares for the skin, giving it delicate, golden tan.


Apply onto the entire body  and thoroughly rub in. Wash your hands after application and wait a while before putting on the clothes. The balm gives tanning effect already after the first use. For stronger effect repeat the application. Store at room temperature. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

Presentation: 200 ml.

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