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One of the basic products in cosmetics to keep skin in perfect condition are the milks or emulsions called make-up remover or cleansing products, whose function is to clean the skin eliminating impurities that clog pores, whether they have make up or not. This cleaning work should be done in the morning and at night.

Uses: This product, as its name suggests, emulsifies grease, sweat, dirt that has accumulated on the skin, leaving it clean and ready to receive the toning, moisturizing or nourishing product to be applied next. Due to its oat extract content, it is especially useful for very dry and dehydrated skin, since this active has moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties. Should be used in hydration treatments, nutrition, facial cleansing, post-vein, sagging in the neck

Directions: Apply small amounts to the area to be treated and rub gently in circles with cotton or makeup remover sponge infused with water and then squeezed. Replace the cottons or rinse the sponges as many times as necessary.


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