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Barbasol Battery Shaver

Getting the right shave any time of day, requires the best tools for the job. The Barbasol® Battery-Powered Single Blade Shaver allows you to take control of your messy facial hair instantly. Whether it’s with shaving cream, in the shower, or directly on your face, our device works in any scenario. Trim, edge or fully shave your face as close as possible, without sacrificing your comfort. Our stainless-steel blades are rust-proof and can be easily cleaned after frequent use without damaging them. Included are 4 guide combs for different hair lengths to provide the best look to your beard/stubble. Our shaver is battery-powered and requires 1 AA to fully function. To keep it working, and looking it’s best, we’ve also provided a cleaning brush to help with that. Keep your facial hair looking presentable with the Battery-Powered Single Blade Shaver.


  • Use It Wet Or Dry: Our shaver works in either wet or dry environments, Use it with shaving cream, in the shower or directly to your face.
  • Stainless-Steel Rustproof Blades: The blades are rustproof and can be easily cleaned thanks to the stainless-steel design.
  • 4 Guide Combs For Different Lengths: We’ve included 4 separate guide combs to maintain the different length of your facial hair when trimming/styling them to your liking.
  • Battery-Powered: The shaver is battery-powered and requires 1 AA to fully operate.
  • Cleaning Brush and Oil Included: To keep your shaver looking and working it’s best, use the cleaning brush to maintain it after frequent use.

Presentation: Shaver + 4 combs + 1 AA battery + cleaning brush.

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