Tienda Tello Profesional

Since 1948 dedicated to service and customer service, Tello Profesional is now the third generation of a family business dedicated to commerce. From a humble beginnings, the company has been consolidating step by step in the beauty sector with special attention to everything related to hairdressing, barbering and beauty in general.

Our mission is to provide the best service to our customers, not only to provide the latest products on the market, but also advising and advising on the use and application of them.

In addition, we also place special emphasis on new market trends and consumers to put them at the service of our customers. We aspire therefore to go beyond a simple commercial relationship between client and supplier.

With this background, at Tello Profesional we are determined to go further in our relationship with our clients, learning from them in the opening of new horizons, transcending even our borders, and doing so through new technologies.