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Youthair Cream Condtioner LEAD FREE.

Finally, a product from the company which has helped millions of clients restore their natural hair color, self-esteem, and self-confidence which will revolutionize the hair color industry. The makers of Youthair now proudly introduce their new LEAD FREE Youthair Crème. This new item not only boasts about being free of its former active ingredient, lead acetate, but also has a sulfur-free scent, which some clients found offensive. The combination of these two new advantages combined into one product makes this a highly sought after item.

Apply directly from the tube. Easy application in one step.

Directions: Wash hair with shampoo. Do not use conditioner when using Youthair. Youthair contains conditioners to restore shine and splendor. Dry with a towel completely or dry with a hair dryer to remove excess moisture.

Apply a small amount daily with a comb or brush to distribute evenly. Youthair Styling formula contains styling ingredients to give texture and firmness without rigidity. Hairstays stay in place all day, but remain flexible and manageable. Once the desired color is reached, use it twice a week to preserve the color. If you want to maintain selected areas with gray hair, simply do not apply the product to that area. To obtain the best results: do not wash your hair for 3 hours after using it. Do not dilute it with other styling products.


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