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Termix 230 PRO Styling Iron 27mm + case (Black)

With you Termix 230 styling iron, you’ll achieve the best results in your hairstyling, while you’re taking care of your hair thanks to the great quality of its ceramic plates and to the nanotechnology it incorporates. Try it and feel the emotion of wearing perfect hairstyles, all year long.


  • Infrared system: Its advanced infrared technology prevents damage to the hair and gets better and faster results.
  • Nanotechnology: It has Nano Titanium (Nano Ti) that helps generate beneficial negative ions for the hair. The Nano Titanium Oxide cleans the remains of chemicals, toxins and pollution that adhere to the surface of the hair thus achieving a purifying effect.
  • Also incorporates Nano Silver (Nano Ag) that provides antibacterial protection with a disinfectant effect that also eliminates hair odors
  • Ionic technology: The control of the ions in the hair makes it more manageable, moldable and soft, thus making drying time faster than usual.
  • Digital system: The constant control of the temperature has been improved by implementing a digital system.
  • The regulator allows to adjust the temperature from 60º to 230º.
  • Special for treatments: Its special ceramic plates and digital temperature control up to 230º make it suitable for the use of Keratin treatments or other hydration treatments, which require high temperatures to achieve better results.
  • Automatic shutdown: At 30 minutes without use, it automatically shuts down to avoid unnecessary energy consumption.
  • The time required to reach the temperature indicated on the digital display again is 15 seconds once the ON button is pressed.


  1. First, brush your hair with your Termix Natural Boar Bristle Brush to untangle your hair and then, apply some hair product to help styling your hair.
  2. Next, with the help of your Termix 230 Flat Iron start twisting your frontal locks and if you have a long mane, from the middle to the tips of your hair.
  3. Keep twisting your hair from the inside to the outside to create your waves. As you’re doing your waves, twist with your fingers the rest of your locks that you’re styling with your Termix 230 to give more definition to it.
  4. Use hairspray for a strong hold and you’ll also add extra volume.

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