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Special Micellar Shampoo for Grey Hair pH 4.5 Color Freeze by Bonacure.

There is nothing better than leaving the room with an intense and real color. A good colorist will create the perfect balance of tones to complement the style and skin color of the client. It is an authentic science to get the perfect tone, since everyone wants their color to remain as real as possible as long as possible.

This is where BC pH 4.5 Color Freeze comes into play. The patented pH 4.5 Balancer Technology not only seals the colored hair surface like the other conventional care brands but, more importantly, seals the color pigments within the hair matrix for superior perfect color.

The hair shows unwanted warm tones or is graying and needs a subtle silver tonal direction.

What does:

  • Cleanses hair and scalp gently and effectively
  • Helps to strengthen the capillary structure
  • Helps optimize the pH level 4.5
  • Neutralizes unwanted underlying warm tones
  • Maintains and revives cold color directions
  • Adds an ash shine to white hair and very light bases

How does it work:
During washing, a special blue-violet pigment is deposited on the hair by cooling the color or adding a cold tonal direction. The care ingredients help to improve the condition of the hair.

Presentation: Bottle of 250 ml.

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