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Lefty Scissor Cutter Diamond Jaguar

The Diamond E is part of Jaguar's outstanding Gold Line range of hairdressing scissors made from high quality steel that's been tempered by their special Friodur cooling process to give eac pair a longer cutting performance.

Superb Cutting:

The Diamond E´'s convex blades have fully integrated cutting edges that have been hollow ground in Jaguar´s new Advance Cut process to give unsurpassed sharpness that makes these scissors ideal for all cutting techniques, specially slicing.

Great Comfort:

The ergonomic design features an angled thumb ring (see picture) to ensure you have a completely relaxed cutting position and Jaguar's self-contained, flat SMART SPIN adjustable tension screw allows you to set the cutting action exactly hoy you like it.

* These scissors are available on request, so the delivery time is from 4 to 7 days.

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