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Beard kit Dick johnson.

The package pre-assembled by Dick Johnson includes modestly the best gifts for Dad or Husband as a gift. The Beard Kit is a great gift for a bearded hubby or young pack, from a strong stubble to Santa's beard. The Beard Kit contains the main beard care products.


Beard Oil Snake Oil de Dick Johnson's

Nobody likes a snake, but at Dick Johnson, we keep our friends close and our enemies a little closer… Snake Oil moisturizes the skin, conditions the hair and smells great to, featuring Dick Johnson’s Signature Scent of Raw Whiskey and Vanilla.

This product will keep your friends close and help bring those enemies a little closer to enjoy the smooth scent and fantastic finish every beard deserves.

Presentation: 50 ml.

Beard Balm Snake Dick Johnson's

The fully vegan Snake Balm beard wax by Dick Johnson differs significantly from other beard waxes on the market. Snake Balm does not include even a single drop of beeswax, making the product completely vegan and more suitable for treating your beard. We replaced beeswax with candelilla wax, which is a natural, plant-based wax. Candelilla wax is structurally denser than beeswax, so it is naturally a good fit for people who want their beard waxes to hold and mold well. The beard wax is also extremely pleasant for the skin. It does not stick, and it blends well with other oils. We also added a nice dash of Signature Scent (Whiskey & Vanilla) by Dick Johnson, so the product is a perfect match with Snake Oil.

  • Made in Finland.
  • Vegan 100%, no beeswax. 
  • Size: 55ml

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