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DOUBLE PACK GLIDE COMBS No. 0.5 (1.5mm) & No. 1.5 (4.5mm)


Special pack of glide combs for Moser / Wahl / Ermila clippers for fading.

It includes combs for No. 0.5 (1.5mm) and No. 1.5 (4.5mm).

Highy requested by Moser clipper users since it makes fading easier, helping to cut hair with other sizes (0.5mm and 1.5mm).

The large space that was between No. 1 and No. 2 is now filled by the No. 1.5 comb as well as No. 0.5.

Adaptable combs with special sizing to be combined with battery-operated clippers such as Chromstyle, Bellissima, Beretto.

Pack of 2 metal combs: No. 0.5 and No. 1.5

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