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Dick Johnson Ghost Clay

As befits its name, the Dick Johnson Ghost Clay is a clay-based hair wax product. The special clay we use creates a stylish, matte finish to the hair with a natural-looking hold. Applying the wax to the hair is extremely quick due to its silky-smooth texture. It also doesn’t get lumpy or sticky under any circumstances. Ghost Clay suits best for a short or medium-length hair when a relaxed, natural look is called for. The product can also be used with long hair to reduce hair static.

The finishing touches of applying Ghost Clay is done with fingers, so using a comb is not necessary. Always apply Ghost Clay to a dry hair. A stronger hold is attained by applying salt spray beforehand. Let the salt spray dry out before applying Ghost Clay. The sweet nectar scent of Ghost Clay is both fresh and pleasant, bringing a nice twist to the Dick Johnson assortment of fragrances. If a scent could be a drug, we couldn’t be selling this anywhere. All in all, we’re very pleased with our Ghost Clay hair wax.

If we may say so, it’s one damn good product! Time will the if it’s going to pose a challenge to our Fibre Wax as well.

Presentation: 100 ml.

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