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To enjoy it, you need:

1. Be registered on the web.

2. Send by email to [email protected] any picture or copy of any kind of document who proves you are a professional hairdreser or barber:

a) Picture or copy of the professional title, certificate or qualfication of hairdressing or aesthetics.

b) A picture or copy of an invoice from a hairdressing distributor.

c) To have VAT-identification (MwSt) number of economic operator registered in the European Union. VIES Europe (Get Vat exception / MwsT befreiung)

3. You will receive a confirmation e-mail from Tello Profesional.

You only have to login on the web and check the new rates. If you are not yet registered on the web, you can do so through the form shown below. Thanks for your trust in us.

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