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NOVICIDE is the easiest, fastest, most effective and safest way to reliably disinfect hairdressing, barbering and beauty utensils. In this way, combs, scissors, as well as hairdressing, manicure and salon tools are disinfected in one step and absolutely reliably freed from bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Facts about NOVICIDE concentrate:

    It has a 100% lethal effect on all forms of existing viruses
    Greater protection against bacteria and fungi
    More economical to use as less concentrate is needed thanks to its improved formula: The new mixing ratio is now based on 50 ml with 1000 ml of tap water.
    Possibility of 10 applications with the 500 ml bottle and 40 fillings with the 2000 ml bottle
    Pleasant to use because it is odorless.

Instructions for use:

    Dilute the mixture using 50ml of Novicide concentrate with 950ml of water in an official Novicide glass bottle, as they have a special basket to easily immerse and remove the tools.
    Immerse the tools you want to disinfect but clean them with water before submerging them in the solution.
    Wait 15 minutes, remove them from the solution and rinse them under running water before using them again. (Remember to apply oil on friction tools such as scissors or razors).

500ml concentrate

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